August 2017

Well the random number generator has spoken and this month the theme is surreal films. Boy am I excited for this. Surreal films are one of my favorite genres of films although many people tend to avoid them or be afraid of watching them. Synecdoche New York, Mulholland Drive, Brazil, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind are some of my favorite from the genre. The thing is, surreal films need time and effort to understand and they require dedication. However, I feel like it is important for us to look at this genre because it offers so much creativity and interpretation. So hopefully you all enjoy this month, and please feel free to participate in the discussion.


week 1 film choice: holy motors (2012)

For the first week we will be taking a look at the French film Holy Motors (2012). I have been meaning to watch this film for a long time and this is the best opportunity for that. Anyone who wants to join in can also feel free to watch and discuss the film at the site next week. The deadline for this film will be next Thursday (10/8/2017), which is when the review will be up. Enjoy watching!



week 2 film choice: Last year at marienbrad (1961)

Yes I know, this is another French film. Well what do you expect, the French are known for their use of surrealism in their films and they are basically ones who popularized the art form. Nevertheless, I've always wanted to watch this film. I heard a lot of praise so let us see if it stacks up. The deadline to watch this film is next Thursday (17th of August). Hope you enjoy, and try to contribute to the discussion!


Week 3 film choice: The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (1972)

Yes I know, another French film. But I promise the last week of this month will not be French. However, I could not do a surrealist films month without a film from the father of surrealism Luis Buñuel! Anyway, as always the film deadline will be a week from now. Enjoy the film and feel free to discuss your thoughts.