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Don't Look Now (1973)

I had never heard of Don’t Look Now before. I would usually have seen such films on lists or maybe recommendations from other film critics. However, for some reason I had literally never heard of this film before. Which compelled me even more to watch it. I sit down in my room and I turned off the lights. Grabbed my notepad and started the film. What happened in the next hour and fifty minutes was something I did not expect. I went through so many different emotions. From loving certain parts to absolutely hating others. From being nervous to laughing at loud at the silliness that is happening in front of my eyes. It was definitely an experience, however I’m not sure if it was a great one.

The Thing (1982)

If you know anything about my taste, you would know that horror films are one of my least favorite genres when it comes to film. Which is why for the past year I have been trying desperately to find horror films that I enjoy. I am not saying that I never enjoyed any. I mean The Shining is one of my favorite films of all time, but that's Kubrick, so it doesn't count. Anyway, in the past year I have been watching more horror than I have ever watched. I managed to find a lot of modern gems such as Get Out and to a certain extent Don't Breathe. However, through this journey, the thing I realized is that there is a sub-genre of horror that I began to really appreciate. That is, horror films which use prosthetics and makeup effects rather than CGI. This is why I think I really enjoyed films like The Fly, Alien, and now The Thing. 

It (2017)

I would like to preface this review by saying that I am not a big fan of horror films, especially modern ones. I feel like they just do the same thing over and over again, yet people still seem to go for the sake of those few jump scares that get them. Never have I seen a genre that continued this long with no evolution or new and interesting ideas. However, I am glad to say that in the past two years a couple of films have started to change one of the most overused genres. Movies like Get Out, Don't Breathe, and now It have started a new trend in modern horror films of trying to refine and do something different with the genre. I am glad to say that It is a good movie, I always wish to see films pushing boundaries. It still has its faults which I will get to shortly, but for a modern horror film, it is a breath of fresh air that the genre desperately needed. 

[REC] (2007)

Last film of the month of July for the first ever OWF weekly movie club. To be honest I'm glad this month is over since I am not that fond of horror films. However, I am glad that at least the final film was an actual horror movie unlike Audition. So without further ado, let's get right on to the review of [REC].