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Au Revoir La Haut (2017)

The way I discovered this film was very interesting. I was scrolling through the local cinema app's coming soon section, when I suddenly spot three strange films. All three films were French. Now if you know anything about Dubai, you would know that the overall film taste does not encompass indie French films. So I was really surprised to see three films screening here. Then I saw that they were only showing in one specific theater, and only for a limited time. Out of three, Au Revoir La Haut was the only one that had a timing that fit my schedule. That's how I found out about the film. I did not know anything about it. Didn't watch the trailer, don't know the director, nothing. All I knew was the title and the poster. I went in with nothing, and was surprised by the outcome. It is films like these that really make me disappointed with the current film industry. If this low budget French film can create an engaging and original story, why can't all these huge companies do the same?

Last Year at Marienbad (1961)

That little excerpt is basically the entire plot for Last Year at Marienbad (1961). This is in no way mocking the film, I actually weirdly enjoyed it. However, when I was first watching the film, as 20 minutes passed I was going crazy at not really understanding what was going on. Then I came to accept that I may never understand what is going on. The film from my understanding is like the game of cards that was played in the movie. No one was able to understand how the host kept on winning. No matter who started and no matter how many times they played, the host always won. This I believe is a metaphor for the film. No matter how much we try to interpret the film, director Alan Resnais will always come out victorious due to intricate complexity of the film. Nevertheless, even though I still do not understand this film well, I will try to get something meaningful out of this review. 

Holy Motors (2012)

Well that was an interesting experience. I feel like that is the main word when it comes to Holy Motors, "experience". Because the film itself manages to engross you whether or not you are understanding what is going on or not. To be completely honest I did not know what I would get into when I went into this film, and I was still surprised by the end of it. Well I guess that's surrealism for you. Anyway, when I went into the film I was scared because although I love surrealism, there are certain types of films in the genre I cannot stand. For example, I love films like Mulholland Drive but I can't stand Eraserhead. I think the difference for me is that when surrealism gets way too extreme that you have to throw any hope of understanding the film, the movie then boils down to how effective the other elements are. If they do not deliver then you are left with this empty feeling. However, films such as Mulholland Drive or Synecdoche New York, allow for certain levels of interpretation even if you are not one to look deep into the meaning of the film. So the operative question is, where does Holy Motors place in the scale of surrealism. Thankfully, for me personally, it is on the good side, and here is why.