About Us

Omar Watches Films is a blog for film enthusiasts written by a film enthusiast. Through this site reviews, lists, and articles will be presented on films of every decade and nation. I hope that through this site I am able to show the readers why film is such an important piece of media in this day and age and how it is able to effectively convey what other outlets are not able to. 



Whether it be the new blockbuster release or an independent film from the 30's, all my thoughts on various films will be here. There is no criteria for my reviews as I believe each film should be reviewed in a different way based on its genre, themes, and goals. All films are given a score out of 10, where anything above a 9 is considered as one of my "favorite films".


Film Analysis

This is where I take films and try to dissect their themes, subtexts, hidden meanings, and symbolism. Prepare for extensive analysis as there will be no limit when it comes to trying to understand and unwrap a film.


Weekly Movie Club

Each month, a theme is presented (eg. horror, comedy, romance...etc). Every week of that month a film will be chosen to be watched by myself and anyone who wishes to participate. At the end of that week, a review will be posted of the film and the next weeks film will be chosen. Anyone is invited to join in.